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Spare parts

Spare parts

We supply more than 50% of spare parts for glass forming machines such as: HEYE, GPS, Bottero, BDF, Emhart, Sanjin, Chu Da. We also have opportunities to supply a limited number of spare parts for Sklostroj, Go To and rotator type glass forming machines. The selection of spare parts is carried out on the basis of our experience and technical knowledge.

We also supply spare parts for ware transfers, stackers, conveyors of glass forming machines, hot and cold end coating hood machines.

Among the items we provide there are premium quality products from European manufacturers, and standard quality products from reliable suppliers from China, India and Thailand.

Equipment for gob delivery system

Share blades holder

Orifice ring holder

Plunger mechanism

Invert mechanism

Neck ring mechanism

Glass moulds cooling system sections

Vacuum filters

Cushion unit

Valves for valve box

Lincoln injector system

Mould gauge equipment

Testing gauges for glass forming machine components

Take out tongs holder head

Plunger positioners

Blank and blow mould holders

Take out tongs holders

Ware transfer arm

Hot end coating hoods fans

Heating elements of the hot end coating hood machine

Metering pump of the hot end coating hood machine

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