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Glass moulds

Glass moulds

OrientIS Technlology is the supplier of glass moulds for Russian and CIS markets.

Glass moulds are supplied from Chinese or European factories, depending on the customer’s demands. Along with the supply of glass moulds we provide the following services:

  • Preparation of a glassware drawing
  • Modeling of an acrylic glassware
  • Preparation of glass mould engineering documentation
  • Participation in the production process launching

Advantages of cooperation with OrientIS Technology:

  • Comprehensive services for glass and ceramics factories: from discussion of ideas and development of new glasswares to launching a glass containers production line at a plant.
  • Best compromise of price and quality. We supply the most suitable goods according to your requirements for glass mould life-time, quality of glassware, and allocated budget for purchasing of glass moulds.
  • Production of test glass molds within 2 weeks, and full-scale production of glass moulds within 3 weeks

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