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Our company is the exclusive distributor of REFMON (Hungary) and RATH (Austria) plants. In addition, our company has established close partnership relations with Chinese refractory manufacturers.

In case of carrying out large projects related to cold repair of glass furnaces, it is possible to sign direct contracts with manufacturers. In this case, Orientis Technology provides the customer with the following benefits:

  • Discussion of technical requirements, assistance in preparing a correct technical materials specification, refractory lay out

  • Distribution of the materials among manufacturers specialized in production of specific types of refractories

  • Discussion of the requirements for the refractories production process, inspection criteria for refractories

  • Audit and inspection of the manufacturers before the start or during the production process

  • Inspection of refractories

  • Testing of refractories in an independent laboratory

  • Foreign trade and logistics consulting

AZS Refractory

Electrocast corundum

Chrome-oxide refractory blocks

Silica refractory

Magnesite refractory

Alumino-silicate refractory

Ceramic fiber products

Refractory castable, mortar, ramming mixes, concretes, cements

Refractory for hot repair

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