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Oil and coatings

Oil and coatings

OrientIS Technology is an exclusive distributor of lubricants, coatings and chemical raw materials for the glass industry.

  • Graphite lubricants for blank and finish forms, neck ring
  • Coating for gob delivery
  • Cooling lubricants for spraying of share blades of glass forming machines
  • Pre-coating sprays for moulds
  • Oil for the central greasing system of the glass forming machine
  • Glass cutter oil
  • Hot end coating hood of glass containers
  • Cold end coating hood of glass containers
  • Glass interleaving powder
  • Colorless paints, pigments

Besides, OrientIS Technology provides services in searching for analogues and application of Asian chemical products. If you have any problematic positions, which cannot be purchased from European and American suppliers, we are ready to organize laboratory or pilot testing of Asian analogues within the shortest time.

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