OrientIS Technology  is a team of professionals dedicated to glass, ceramics and some other industries . Company’s activity is aimed to provide the best quality product and technical support for solving different difficulties, that are happened during the manufacturing service. Our goal is not to be only a supplier, but to become a partner for long term cooperation, to become a partner, that provides full support to your manufacturing process.

The range of the product includes technical ceramics, refractory materials spare parts and lubricants. We also provide the service of glass defects analysis, refractory analysis, inspection of refractory producers and other kind of service to support manufacturing activity of our customer.

Why to choose us?

Strict quality control

Our suppliers that has own laboratory always provide a confirmed certificate of analysis. For extra verification of quality the product can be sent to outstanding laboratories in Europe.

Shortest delivery time

Company is quite flexible and we are always ready to find the way to deliver the goods with shortest time either from our stock or from producer’s location.

Technical support

The technical specialists of our company are always close to you. We are ready to hurry up with assistance in case of any problem.

Ability to keep the goods at stock

For the products that has a stable consumption we can provide a safety stock at our warehouse.

Our capturing market sectors