Hartmann&Bender (Germany)

– the leading producer of IS machine spare parts and variables. The company has been founded in 1897 and now it is family business well known all other the world. The company produces al type of standard variables for IS machines, as well as special parts, designed special for customer’s need.

REFMON (Hungary)

– one of the most challenging producer of high quality refractories for steel, glass and ceramics industry. The company has been founded in 1996 by talented Hungarian refractory engineers. Today the company’s name if famous in almost parts of the world.  Products of company has the highest corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance value.

RATH Group (Austria)

– The producer of alumo-silicate refractory for different industries. The head office of company is located in Vienna, Austria. The manufacturing plats are in Austria, Germany, Hungary and the USA. The company produces sintered shaped and monolithic refractory, such as fireclray, sillimanite, corundum, zircon –mullite, zircon – silicate.