Together with our European partners we provide the following type of service:

Chemical analysis of glass and raw materials

– Determination of “heavy minerals” in sands and feldspars
– Determination of lead crystal glass fragments on cullet
– Glass colors and homogeneity of glass
– Glass defect analysis ( cords , bubbles, stones)
– Deposits on the internal surface( flakes in suspension, fragments)
– Labeling adhesion and decoration problems
– Mechanical tests on glass

Glass melting process consultancy

– Energy balance evaluation and optimization
– Combustion optimization
– Melting area inspection
– Work place analysis and consultancy
– Experimental melting trials

Refractory analysis and audit of refractory producers

– Physical and chemical tests of refractory
– Audit of refractory producer’s raw material
– Audit of refractory manufacturing process
– Pre shipment inspection of Asian and Indian refractory producers